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Join Our Fight Against the Establishment!

MICHAEL J. CINO has an Economic Program in place, which includes renegotiating the Terrible Traitorous Trade Deals, and improving the investment climate in the United States so that our economy starts MAKING AMERICAN JOBS again.

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"The Real TRUMP TEAM in Bergen County and the 5th Congressional District"

Cino for Congress

The American People need a Congressman in Washington DC who will lead the charge on the re-negoitation of the Terrible Traitorous Trade Deals. PRESIDENT TRUMP is going to need Congressman next year who will SUPPORT THE PASSAGE OF TRUMP'S PROGAM IN CONGRESS.

Seriously the lobbyists in Washington could care less if Americans have jobs - they only care if the big corporations can ship jobs to other countries at will.
MICHAEL J. CINO wants to bring AMERICAN JOBS back.
The people in there now - the lobbyists, the people who run the multinational corporations,
the establishment Republicans and the establishiment democrats - all do NOT care if Americans have jobs.
Their aims are to make it easier for the multinational corporations to bring in goods from other nations and make it easier and more profitable to ship our
American jobs across the ocean so Americans have fewer jobs and American wages in the United States are depressed.

New Jersey Should Re-Position Itself as a Low-Tax State


      My position is that New Jersey should radically re-position itself on taxation. New Jersey used to be a low-tax state - a less expensive place to do business as compared to New York. You can join the RedDogs and help make New Jersey a LOW-TAX STATE at CinoForCongress.net New Jersey's competition is not really New York anymore - it is North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and the Asian nations. New Jersey has to COMPETE. New Jersey is now at the bottom of the list for business expansion - specifically when corporations decided in which State they would like to invest, we in New Jersey are at the bottom. New Jersey is in an ECONOMIC DOWNWARD SPIRAL. Less investment means less jobs which means less tax revenues, lower housing prices and less property tax revenues. New Jersey needs to adopt a RADICAL NEW DIRECTION AS A LOW-TAX STATE. Thank you very much, Michael J. Cino You can join the RedDogs and help make New Jersey a LOW-TAX STATE at CinoForCongress.net

Bridge Tolls Should Be Reduced

George Washington Bridge Tolls now at $14. That is outrageous. I think I can remember when the GW Bridge tolls were 50 cents each way. Why can't we get the GW Bridge Tolls back to $5 ? Let the airports fund themselves. Why should New Jersey citizens have to bare a larger burden for the three New York area airports? We can do better for the people, for the commuters and for our families.


Protesters Say Garrett’s Views Out of Step with New Jersey

Michael J. Cino

"This Campaign is listening to regular Americans not wealthy Wall Street campaign donors."

Michael J. Cino

Health Care

Access Billing

   Michael J. Cino Congressional Campaign Supports Access Billing in which everyone who does not have health insurance who goes to a hospital or doctor gets billed at the Medicare rates.

This should be a federal law.

Too many people are getting slammed with over inflated hospital bills, or hit with bills which are out-of-network and people are surprised to find out they have to pay for out-of-network health care.

Access Billing means that if your health insurance company does not pay for a medical service, or if you have no health insurance at all, then you get billed at the same rates as the Federal government Medicare rates, Sick People should NOT have to pay over inflated ridiculous fee which bear no relationship to the Services Rendered.

Access Billing insures access to full medical services to everyone including those without insurance. Access Billing also makes it easier for those who are paying their own medical bills on their own.

Access Billing makes health care rate more reasonable and gives people a level of confidence that they will not be billed over inflated medical fees.

Access Billing also makes it easier for people to go to the doctor or hospital because they will not be afraid they will be over charged on top of actually being sick.

Right now far too many people do not go to a hospital or doctor because they are concerned they will receive massive bills in the mail for a few hours at the doctors' office or hospital.

nj healthcare

Local Doctors Serving Local Communities

   Michael J. Cino also supports efforts to change Federal Health Care regulations which would make it easier for doctor-owned doctors' offices to stay in business.

Too many of our doctors' offices, with doctors in practice in our local towns, are getting squeezed and are going out of business. The private doctors' practices, which many of us grew up with, are being replaced by corporate owned doctors' offices which have less pleasant staff and which are overly concerned with financial consideration.

Too many of these new corporate doctor's offices act like "medical assembly line factories" which actually time how much time a doctor is with a patient, sometimes they push the doctor off away from patients and onto the next patient, whether you have received the attention necessary to your condition or not.

We need to repeal regulations which require doctors' offices to purchase massive amounts of equipment and medical record keeping computers and which are too expensive.

The Federal requirements that local doctors' offices have to purchase massive amounts of equipment and recording keeping computers is also driving many private doctors' practices out of business. The investment costs of the record keeping regulations are driving patients' fees up and these regulations are placing pressure on private doctors' practices which are staying in business. The Michael J. Cino supports efforts to keep our local doctors in business, and continuing to serve the people in our local communities.

Michael J. Cino

"New Jersey has to create American Jobs so that we have jobs here in New Jersey for people who live in New Jersey."

Michael J. Cino

Please help us send one guy to Washington who will FIGHT for YOU!

For 15 Years Michael J. Cino has lead the fight for lower gasoline prices.

The Recent price drop proved Michael J. Cino was right, that high gasoline priced are cartel-driven and not market driver.

CONTRIBUTE NOW TO THE CINO CONGRESSIONAL CAMPAIGN FOR LOWER GASOLINE PRICES. Our campaign can only succeed with the help of our supporters.
The Excessive Campaign Contributions in Washington DC have come to Dominate the Political Process in Washington. The result of the excessive political influence is the major oil companies have been allowed to ignore the anti-trust laws which we already have on the books and re-combine. Our Campaign believes the government approvals of these mergers are not in the best interests of consumers and therefore against what the antitrust laws are supposed to accomplish. You are paying the price !

Washington DC

New Jersey has to create American Jobs so that we have jobs here in New Jersey for people who live in New Jersey.

Read more about Michael J. Cino's Economic proposals at CinoForCongress.net

Read more about Michael J. Cino's Economic proposals at CinoForCongress.net Now with New Jersey's high taxes, high property taxes and excessive/unnecessary State regulations, New Jersey stands to be one of the LAST States to attract corporate investments as the nation comes out of the horrible recession. New Jersey needs to radically re-orient itself as a LOW-TAX STATE WHICH ATTRACTS JOB CREATION AND CORPORATE INVESTMENTS. Read more at CinoForCongress.net and support American Jobs for New Jerseyans. New Jersey has numerous small businesses which are the basis of American Job Creation. The issue in New Jersey for 25 years has been businesses have been unable to obtain the financing they need to grow American jobs and expand. This is in stark contrast to the financing available to businesses in the 1980s. Washington needs to insure that businesses looking to Create American Jobs are able to Create those American Jobs and are not shut out of the capital markets by short term Wall Street bubbles, Wall Street Market manipulation, Lack of Proper Wall Street Regulations and Enforcement, Short Term Market Overvaluations and Manipulations, and Economic Incentives to channel Financing to Short-Term areas of the Stock Market and the Economy. It is time that New Jersey have a Smart Economic Policy which puts American Jobs first when it comes to taxation, and excessive and unnecessary State government regulations. You can read more about Michael J. Cino's Economic Policies for American Economic Growth and American Jobs for Americans at CinoForCongress.net. You can Support and Contribute to the Michael J. Cino Congressional Campaign at CinoForCongress.net


We have to start coming up with programs to help seniors who are on fixed incomes.

With inflation, food, gasoline, heating and taxes are all up and it is hard for many to keep up.

Especially in New Jersey, increases in property taxes outpace what seniors on fixed incomes can afford.

This is extremely serious. It is wrong for government spending to create situations in which seniors citizens have to sell their houses and move away from their family and friends, just because government can not restraint itself. I am in favor of programs which limit or freeze property taxes for senior citizens on fixed incomes.

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