Michael J. CINO for US Congress in Washington

This means more AMERICAN JOBS for Bergen County - and Growing more AMERICAN JOBS for Sussex, Passaic and Warren Counties as well. Michael J. Cino has an Economic Plan to Make America Grow Jobs Again In Washington, Cino wants to press to re-negotiate the trade deals so that the American Economy can start to grow jobs again. Michael J. Cino also has a plan to assist Main Street Companies to have access to capital so that they can CREATE JOBS AGAIN. American Jobs must be the focus of Washington, not Wall Street Bankers Michael J. Cino has lived in Demarest for over 50 years and has been fighting the establishment practically the entire time. CinoForCongress.net

Cino for Congress

Sabaudin SKENDERI for Surrogate Bergen County

Sab is running for the position which helps children who do not have a lawyer to help them in Court in Hackensack. It is called a Surrogate Judge. Sab is the "kinder and gentler" aspect of the ticket - he believes that children and orphans should not be taken advantage of by the establishment. Sab also supports AMERICAN JOBS and bringing jobs back to Bergen County. Sab is a strong Constitutionalist and believes the Courts in New Jersey too often do not follow the Constitution and the Rights of the People.

Cino for Congress

John ZOLLER for Freeholder Bergen County

John has been the leading activist against the Triple Five Xanadu Meadowlands Shopping Mall Disaster We do not need another shopping mall in Bergen County. The traffic this proposed mall will create will be horrible. In addition the developers are seeking to reimburse the past losses of the Wall Street bankers in a MASSIVE BOND ISSUANCE which they want the taxpayers to "guarantee" in some way. The RISK of such a loaded bloated project should NOT be on the property tax payers in Bergen County or any other government agency. The taxpayers end up "on the hook" when government agencies start to "guarantee" such unnecessary and bloated projects. John ZOLLER has been FIGHTING to protect the taxpayers for years.

Cino for Congress

Paul FISHER for Freeholder Bergen County

Paul is an Executive with the Lindt Chocolate Company. Paul wants to bring AMERICAN JOBS to Bergen County Paul's business experience will make him an expert at cutting waste and unnecessary items from the County budget. This will translate into Lower Property Taxes in Bergen County. We need more businessmen to handle the budgets. They know how to cut waste, cut costs and make better County services for less money

RICHARD MARSHALL for Freeholder Bergen County

Richard Marshall is a Bergen County man, a Union man. Richard lives in Paramus and has raised his family in Paramus. Like his namesake Chief Justice Marshall Richard is a strong Constitutionalist and he always carries a copy of the Constitution in his chest pocket. Richard Marchall is on the side of the Working Man, Working Families and those who are are struggling with the Economy. Richard supports AMERICAN JOBS for Bergen County.

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